Restock | Wooden Coffee Measure from Hokuto 59

In a hidden studio in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, Mr. and Mrs. Sekine run HOKUTO 59. The Sekines use the nearby woods to make wooden furniture. “We wish to make wooden products with a simplistic design, which are practical and always show the charms of wood no matter how long you use it.”

The Sekines also make products for daily life.  Despite never being trained as an art designer, Mr. Sekine makes products he thinks will be the most handy by pure imagination. Alongside frequent advice from his wife, who loves cooking, together they make a collection of high quality and highly functional kitchen accessories. Amazingly, the Sekines only open for sale twice a year - the waiting list is enormous! We’re lucky to have their products on sale here at Norm.

Last year, we featured the HOKUTO 59 Wooden Coffee Measure, and it was very popular! Its simple but sophisticated design is perfect both for personal use or as a gift. Each time we did a pop-up shop, this item caught the eye of many people. Due to this high demand, we decided to restock a few coffee measures this year.

Do you love to pour your own coffee at home? The capacity of HOKUTO COFFEE MEASURE is exactly 10g, perfect for one cup of coffee. The artist put a lot of effort into the weight of the brass handle, re-designing it again and again to make it lighter, so the customer will find it more handy when using it. The grease from coffee beans will slowly attach to the coffee measure with time, and the wood will absorb the color and aroma of coffee. This is exactly how the artist wishes to make everybody enjoy the “unique, one and only HOKUTO COFFEE MEASURE”.




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