Norm was founded in 2021, and all products are selected and curated by our founder Yuwen. Born in Taiwan, she has sojourned in Shanghai and Tokyo, and now lives in New York. During her stay in those stunning cities, she enjoyed exploring the streets and alleys discovering handmade arts and crafts created by local artisans. The beauty of those art pieces warmed her heart and inspired her to create Norm.

Each piece at Norm is made of natural materials like ceramics, glass, raw wood and metal, and all are handmade by every creator. With the time and effort they dedicate to it, every product carries the love and story the artists would like to share with the world, which makes each item incredibly unique and special.

Be the norm; we wish you are surrounded by your favorite items, which are both functional and aesthetic, and durable in your everyday life. Live well and enjoy life. Norm will show a new norm to you.