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Whether going out for a coffee, taking a stroll, going to the supermarket, or even just going shopping, take a makumo bag with you.

Led and designed by Miki Fukuyama, dyed by Tomata Araki and sewn by Yukiko, makumo is a small garment studio located by the seaside in Japan. Everyday, the team is busy doing design, coloring and sewing work with their own hands.

Their products are playful and full of colors, which are made by natural materials and dyeware. makumo wishes to bring joy and happiness to the people who wear their handmade garments.

We have two types of bags to show you today: the tote bag and the canvas bag.

Let's start with the tote bag!

Size: 32cm x 11cm x 23cm (height). Features a large carrying capacity that easily holds an iPad, notebook, or even a standard-sized drink bottle standing vertically.

Note the cute, eye-catching design of a cat along the side of the bag! Limited edition and made in small quantities.

Next, let's look at the multi-purpose Canvas Bag.

Designed by Miki Fukuyama, makumo strives to make designer bags that people can use every day. Whether it’s walking, shopping, or anything in between, the Canvas Bag is a perfect fit.

Available in 8 designs: 

(1) Rose







(8)The Boy with Green Thumbs

A free and natural design, the Canvas Bag gives off a summer vibe and brings you back to your childhood, a makumo specialty.

You might be wondering; what does makumo mean? Well, “makumo” is a legendary ancient wind instrument in Japan; due to the long passage of time, it is actually no longer known what it looked or sounded like! The mystery surrounding this instrument allows people to let their imagination go wild, and have intense debates on its features and sounds. The brand makumo wishes their customers to imagine freely and show their unique style, and it’s exactly the same philosophy that inspires the team to make better products.

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