New Collection & Restocked | Yuta Maruoka

Last year, the "pool"-Kashizara (round) by Yuta Maruoka was one of our fastest selling items. Now, it's back!

This year, we've also added the new "pool"-Kashizara(flat). Limited quantities; make sure not to miss out! 

About Yuta Maruoka

Shimmers like a swimming pool. By Yuta Maruoka.

Collecting all of the sun’s light; capturing a single moment.

Whether the light is coming onto a piece of paper or a wooden desk, or even if the height of the window is slightly different, there are always differences in color. In these differences, you can find your own light.

The direction of sunlight is never constant; it moves continuously with the flow of time. When you fill a space with light, its color, too, will change with time. Mr. Maruoka sought to create something delightful, to play with both light and time.

Through his work, Mr. Maruoka seeks to help you really see the sunlight – see the different colors and imagine any possibility. The richness of different colors feels almost like different facial expressions.

From conception to production, Mr. Maruoka does it all. He’s inspired both by artwork and his daily life.

The softness and tension of blown glass, the volume of casting, the lightness of slumping, and the delicacy of cutting… he aims to be an experimental workshop to propose new value for glass.


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