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Since last year, the TAG STATIONERY collection has been one of our best selling items. It's also one of the most popular items at our pop-up shops! This year, we've restocked the works we sold out last year, and stocked a few new ones as well.

1. Fumisome Natural Dye Ink

FUMISOME is an organic ink brand under TAG STATIONERY.

From Kyoto where the Kyo Yuzen is nourishing and growing, Fumisome came up with a new way to enable people to enjoy writing.

Cooperating with the Kyoto Herbal Dyeing Laboratory, Fumisome developed a plant based ink, and with the traditional dying technique, the ink shows the abundant colors in nature. Because it’s made with organic ingredients, you will enjoy watching the ink change in color over time.

We've restocked the most popular colors from last time: Indigo, Gardenia, and Chlorophyll. We've also added a new color, Cedar.

An organic ink made from natural cedar tree; upcycled with redundant cedar material from Himi City, Toyama Province. Comes with natural cedar fragrance and a rich brown color full of an earthly image.

Enjoy the natural dye and scent of cedar as you write!

The color of the ink, the thickness of the characters, and the small marks smashing outward with each stroke; take a closer look at the words you write down casually, and you will spot many details that you didn’t notice before.

Just like choosing an outfit to match your mood, let’s pick a writing tool matching your words and coloring them casually.

2. Tag Stationery FUMISOME Inkstick

 An inkstick made with high transparency color. Developed in collaboration with the well-known Japanese manufacturer SUZUKAZUMI CO. LTD, the specialty of this ink is its sharper color, making it easier to show the thickness, lightness, and purity of the color.

Comes in three colors: blueish, reddish and violetish.

How to use: on the inkstone, drip some water. Dip the inkstick into the water and swirl. The thickness and lightness of the color is determined by how much water you add and how long you mix the inkstick; it's up to you! Try different variations and explore the possibilities. Enjoy the changing of the colors as you do this.

3. Tag Stationery FUMISOME Inkstone Glass


INKSTONE is handcrafted one-by-one, and it’s as glorious as a natural stone. Other than a calligraphy brush, it’s also suitable for use with a glass pen - or any dip pen! We recommend using the Fumisome Inkstick or Natural Dye Ink, of course, but any other ink products will work, too.

4. Glass Pen and Pen Set

We've also restocked the glass pen from TAG STATIONERY, one of our most popular items.

Highly popular in Japan, the Glass Pen has become something of a fashion item.

In last year's pop-ups, we allowed visitors to try the glass pen. Everyone's reaction was one of amazement - it's very cool! You can dip it lightly into any kind of fountain pen ink. Of course, we recommend Fumisome Natural Dye Ink or TAG STATIONERY Fumisome Inkstick. Whatever you choose, it writes just like a regular pen.

It's manufactured using chemical industrial container glass. This type of glass is solid, durable, highly transparent, and very lightweight, making the Glass Pen extremely handy. The moderate size also allows people with larger hands to hold it easily, and enjoy the fun of writing freely. Made in collaboration with glass craftmen in Kyoto, this slim and exquisite penpoint will make you want to write more and more!

Let's enjoy writing!

During daily life, these small things, like using a different tool, can be very interesting, fun, and special!


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