Summer’s almost over, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine. Let the works of WASHIZUKA GLASS STUDIO accompany you through the change of seasons.

Launched in 2015 by Washizuka Takanori, WASHIZUKA GLASS STUDIO is a handmade glass brand for daily necessities. Mr. Washizuka values how an item is used rather than what the item is used for; he tries to make it easy to imagine how something might fit into your daily life.

In other words – place value on yourself, not on the material.

Mr. Washizuka believes living comfortable everyday should be like that – living honestly, to one’s tastes. He seeks to build a standard tool that adapts to various lifestyles. That’s why he makes simple, unobtrusive, quality glass that fits in any scene.

We curated two very classic items here at Norm. WASHIZUKA GLASS STUDIO insists on making all items by hand, at a rigorous standard of production. This means they produce works in limited quantities - we waited more than a year for these to come in!

1) wind bell


As the summer draws to a close, the weather is slowly becoming more comfortable. It’s the perfect time to turn off your A/C, open up the windows, and let the breeze glide through - accompanied by the wind bell, of course.

This wind bell is like glass, wood and washi, playing together, like an orchestra. It emits a gentle, relaxing sound as the breeze floats by. A highly simple design, it’s a very special décor for the home.

The wind bell also makes for a perfect security system; anywhere you happen to be, you’ll hear the gentle chime of the bell anytime someone opens a door or window.


Whether it’s your morning iced coffee, a sparkling water with lunch a glass of wine with dinner, the ashitsuki-long is perfect for any occasion. 

Coming soon, stay tuned! 

Photo Credit:Washizuka Glass Studio



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