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Issui Pottery Studio is based out of a quiet village in Okinawa. Its founder, Shinya Takahata, founded it in 2005; it’s nearing its 20th birthday! Mr. Takahata was inspired by his travels to countries like India and Thailand, and he decided to use pottery as a means of communicating with other people. He seeks not only to make pottery for daily life, but also to produce works that give people a sparkle when they see it, a quiet happiness when they engage with it day-to-day.

 Every pattern made by Issui Pottery Studio is unique; each plate leverages a special combination of techniques and glazing work. This produces works that are almost like paintings. The colorful design offers a strong impression of the island of Okinawa; it’s an almost childlike innocence, providing warmth to people in the moment they use it.

  • Small plate

Size: 16.5cm x 11.5cm. Ideal for dinner breads, bagels, or even small accessories.

  • Long plate

Size: 29cm x 11cm. The long size is ideal both for desserts and appetizers.

  • Large plate

Size: 24cm x 17.5cm. Perfect for a dinner plate, but works great for sharing, too.

Colorful and practical, this collection will give you plenty of new ideas for your dinner table. Coming soon to Norm.


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