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The summer sunshine's almost over; are you ready to get back to your everyday life?

Whether you're starting a new semester or just a new season, you can make this year a little more special - and a little more sophisticated - with TAG STATIONERY.

Born in Kyoto, TAG STATIONERY started out as a normal stationery shop, but eventually transformed into a boutique stationery manufacturer. As an expert on modern stationery, TAG STATIONERY seeks to combine the long-standing techniques from Kyoto with modern products to see what sparks it can produce. Moreover, they work closely with other shokunin craftspeople from many different industries in Kyoto and use traditional techniques to make innovative stationery products.

Here at Norm, we've assembled a few of their most classic items. Let's take a look!

1) Glass Pen and Pen Set

Highly popular in Japan, the Glass Pen has become something of a fashion item.

Manufactured using chemical industrial container glass. This type of glass is solid, durable, highly transparent, and very lightweight, making the Glass Pen extremely handy. The moderate size also allows people with larger hands to hold it easily, and enjoy the fun of writing freely. Made in collaboration with glass craftmen in Kyoto, this slim and exquisite penpoint will make you want to write more and more!


A sophisticated and cute ink puddle, for use with the Glass Pen.

Manufactured with the glass-making method “solid work technique”. Pour the ink in the center for your day’s writing. The work of making the tail and the beat of the INK PUDDLE BIRD is very difficult, thus the artist needs to dedicatedly make it one-by-one with careful attention.

Extract the ink with the included dropper and put it into the puddle. Fill the puddle no more than two-thirds full. Put the penpoint back carefully and keep the nib away from the glass bottom of the puddle.


Let’s color the words with ink on the paper!

Of course - it's very high quality, natural dye ink.

FUMISOME is an organic ink brand under TAG STATIONERY.

From Kyoto where the Kyo Yuzen is nourishing and growing, Fumisome came up with a new way to make people enjoy writing.

Cooperating with Kyoto Herbal Dyeing Laboratory, Fumisome developed a plant based ink, and with the traditional dyeing technique, the ink shows the abundant colors in nature.Because it’s made with organic ingredients, you will enjoy watching the ink change in color over time.

We chose three practical colors:

Indigo- An organic ink made from the indigo plant; you can use it for light blue or deep blue color from the same bottle.

Gardenia- An organic ink made from cape jasmine; comes with a sweet aroma and bright yellow color.

Chlorophyll- An organic ink made from mulberry leaves; comes with a soft green color and subtle mulberry fragrant. 

The color of the ink, the thickness of the characters, and the small marks smashing outward with each stroke; take a closer look at the words you write down casually, and you will spot many details that you didn’t notice before.

Just like choosing an outfit to match your mood, let’s pick a writing tool matching your words and coloring them casually.

TAG STATIONERY's works are a perfect way to make your new semester or season a bit more colorful. Like slowly brewing the perfect cup of coffee, or carefully assembling the perfect matcha latte, writing with TAG STATIONERY  creates small moments of joy in life. You might think of your daily routine as very typical, but when you open up your writings next year, you'll discover your life is actually very colorful - just like the ink you were writing with.


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