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Miki Furusho

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Currently residing in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

1999 Graduated from Arita College of Ceramics

2014Winner of the 50th Japan Craft Exhibition

The signature of Miki Furusho’s work is the use of Izu Clay from the Izu Peninsula of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Freshly unearthed Izu Clay is beige, pink or gray. Usually, ceramists will wedge clay before making pottery; in the case of Izu Clay, this would turn it red. However, instead of using this technique, Miki Furusho showcases the specialty of Izu Clay: she pats the clay continuously until it becomes as thin as paper, then cuts it and sticks it onto normal mud before finishing in the kiln.

After kilning Izu Clay in high heat, the black, white and brown color will show up clearly on the work. These beautiful textures are formed naturally from ten thousand years under the earth, something which cannot be made artificially by any method.

“Izu Clay is beautiful, and I find that beauty extraordinary.” Even though Miki Furusho has been using Izu Clay for more than 10 years, she’s still amazed by the final product, and never tires of it. The goal of the artist is “to create works I am proud of and not fail the specialness of Izu Clay.”

No matter the style of your dining table, the natural features of Izu Clay will make the dishes on it look even more delicious.