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Ayako Buro | Hue Rain

Ayako Buro crochets naturally, elegantly and comfortably to create and deliver things that are considerate of new days and that lighten your mind.

Ayako Buro lives in Japan. She has liked to make things and adventure since she was a child. After studying Stage Art in Tokyo, she started her career as a graphic designer while also working part-time as a waitress and manager in several cafes. In 2011, she began to travel on small remote islands and abroad with crochet hooks in her rucksacks.

Ms. Buro has experience breeding silkworms, cultivating cotton, spinning hemp, spinning kudzu-plants fiber, woodworking, working with beeswax, plant dyeing, and more handcraft techniques. These diverse experiences stem from her desire to know natural materials and the background in which they are made.

Ms. Buro prefers to use silk because its natural protein fibers don’t cause a reaction in the skin; even the most sensitive people can wear it every day.

In 2015, when she lived in Northern Thailand, she started selling crochet artworks under the brand Hue Rain.

She makes jewelry, ornaments, and installation art through exhibitions and Artist-in-Residence programs. Eventually, she and her husband, Mr. Buro, moved to Italy, and held numerous exhibitions before moving back to Japan.