New Collection | Paper Wreath by Kamitaba

For this year's Holiday Wreath, how about trying something new?

Mr. Koizumi, founder of Kamitaba, can create any shape imaginable out of paper.  He's almost like a magician! At Norm, we previously collaborated with Kamitaba to showcase the Paper Vase series. This year, it's the Paper Wreath - beautiful on its own, but just like Mr. Koizumi's other works, it pairs perfectly with dried flower arrangements. It shimmers with wonderful color in the winter sun.

Special thank you to Mr. Koizumi for providing us with a couple of arrangement examples!

Wreath by Kamitaba

Wreath F by Kamitaba

Above, we have two identical wreaths featuring different arrangements and types of flowers, resulting in two completely unique looks.

Featuring a bright color, these two examples pair with a low key flower arrangement, producing a warm vibe even on the coldest of winter days.

Here's a close-up look at the arrangement - isn't it simple? Just casually place an upside down flower with a small knot, and you're done. 

Wreath by Kamitaba

Here's a more advanced version, using an extra thin wire specially made for arranging flowers.

Wreath F by Kamitaba

Of course, these flower arrangements are optional - each wreath looks beautiful on its own. Hang one on any corner of the house for a striking and elegant look.

For more, here's a a deep-dive into Mr. Koizumi and Kamitaba:

Meet An Artisan | Koizumi Sho, paperwork artisan transforming paper into the unexpected

And here's more paper magic by Kamitaba, available on Norm:

Kamitaba's collection

Paper Wreath available now!

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