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Toi et moi

To “make the gift receiver smile because of the beautiful gift wrapping” is the reason why Toi et moi was founded. It’s the goal and wish of the corporation. This company also opened a gift wrapping school in Tokyo to promote their idea. 

In addition to wrapping, toi et moi has also launched their own message card. The gift senders can now turn their care, love, blessing  appreciation into reality not only through gift wrapping, but also with dedicated message cards, which will definitely warm the hearts of both the gift sender and receiver.

The artists in toi et moi are like magicians. Can you imagine that all of these tiny and fine decorations are assembled by them one-by-one?

Paper Quilling is a hand-crafted art to roll narrow and slim papers into different kinds of shapes. Toi et moi pushes it to the limit; the artist sticks the tiny components one by one onto the small cards with tweezers, which is a time-consuming process that requires many years of experience to do the job right. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the circles of the papers.

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