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Nishiwaki City is located on the East side nearthe center of Hyogo Prefecture. Here is the home of a diverse landscape mingled with mountains and rivers, as well the Japanese Textile banshuori*, which has a history going back 200 years. Here is also the place where PAGOT was born.

The design, sourcing of material and sewing in PAGOT are all taken care of by Mr. Horii alone. He insists on using only high-quality natural materials and banshuori to make bags. Because of the dedication to details and quality, there’s no mass production in PAGOT.

“I got a partner”- the meaning and concept behind PAGOT, and bearing the philosophy “making the bag even our grandchildren would love to use” in mind, the bags in PAGOT are indeed our partners for a lifetime.

*banshuori: the textile made in Kitaharima area, Hyogo Prefecture. Different from the ordinary technique of coloring the cloth afterwards, the way to make banshuori is dyeing the threads before they are woven. The history of banshuori can be traced back to the fourth year of the Kansei era, 1792, which originated from Nishiwaki City, and grows and evolves till today.

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