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Candle te ao te po

In 2020, Ms. Kataoka, the artist behind these candles, moved from Tokyo to Matsumoto in the Nagano Prefecture. Glancing at the North Alpes mountains, enjoying the scenery and the changing colors of four seasons, she was inspired to begin making candles. The name of the brand, te ao te po, originates from theTahitian language; te ao means white, bright and daytime, while te po means black, dark and night. Just like there are ups and downs, bright times and dark times in life, whichever phase you happen to be in, just light up a candle, and let it give you some light and warm your heart.

The artist wishes to show all the different and charming faces of a candle as it slowly melts away. With the changing of the seasons and the coming and going of the weather, choose the right candle to go along with it, and enjoy some serene and personal time as you light it up.

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