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This month, we will introduce a new artisan arriving at Norm - Yoshimi Suzuki.

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, she graduated from the Industrial Design Department at Musashino Art University. Afterwards, she further specialized in glass sculpting.

Yoshimi Suzuki is an expert in using daily life as the inspiration for her creations. She takes the views and feelings of daily life, plus the abstract vibes and colors of moment-to-moment living, as well as the emotions she encounters when handling her art pieces, and applies them when crafting her works.

In her artwork, Yoshimi Suzuki uses glassblowing to shape the glass, followed by a sandblasting technique to make colors and textures on the surface of formed products.

Yoshimi Suzuki's works are perfect for many uses - practical day-to-day living, decoration, and more. Let's find out!


Half-transparent glass with a smoky finish; the concept captures the quiet and relaxed feeling at the end of an evening. Glassblowing is used to form the shape, followed by sandblasting to create the texture.

Yoshimi Suzuki's signature item. Comes in 4 different styles, featuring different shapes and sizes, to match your preference.

Tsuki no Kimochi

The artisan loves to see the moon in the late evening sky. “When I see the moon, it feels like time is slowing down; everything is very quiet.” This work features a moon-shaped plug on top; as the angle of light changes throughout the day, the colors change and sparkle in the bottle, just like the changing color of the landscape as the moon floats overhead each night.

Two sizes - Small (S) and Large (L).

  • S - diameter of 5.8-6cm, height of 12.5-13.5cm (including plug)
  • L - diameter of 5.7-6cm, height of 15-16cm (including plug) 


Captures the feeling of lighting up a candle in a quiet moment of solitude, brightening up the scene before your eyes. A new design from Yoshimi Suzuki.

Two sizes - Small (S) and Large (L).

  • S - diameter of 3.9-4.8cm, height of 16-16.7cm (including plug)
  • L - diameter of 4cm, height of 17cm (including plug)

Yoshimi Susuki's works are like paintings in a gallery - when you see them in a quiet moment, it creates a colorful feeling in your heart and bright imagery in your mind. Each work's vibe changes in different lights and times; every time you look, you see something new! Glass can have a reputation for being sharp, but these works will have you feeling like you're above the clouds with Yoshimi Suzuki's signature softness and charm.

Links for each item below:


Tsuki no kimochi (S)

Tsuki no kimochi (L)

Tomoshibi (S)

Tomoshibi (L)

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