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Summertime isn't complete without a beautiful and functional glass to enjoy an ice cold drink on a hot day. Whether it's a cold beer or an iced tea, OOO's 330 Glass is perfect for the occasion.

Let's start by meeting the artisans!

OOO doesn’t call itself a company, preferring the term "project" to describe its place at the meeting point of culture, lifestyle, and design. It was founded by Chen Chingwen and Nicol Boyd. Ms. Chingwen was originally the CEO of a design studio, focused on helping traditional industries modernize. Mr. Boyd is an industrial designer, skilled at taking small details from daily life and using them as inspiration to produce works.

Their goal is not to continuously develop new products; instead, they want to create a conversation between culture and objects. The aim of this new collaboration is to enable exploration beyond the traditional boundaries of their design practice.

When the 330 Glass first appeared on the market, it was an instant success. Its lightness, thinness, durability, and cuteness caught the eye of people around the world.

OOO opted to use Borosilicate glass, an unusual choice for this purpose. It is lightweight and very clear, but also durable and heat resistant. The cold cut edge on the glass is quite fine but does not feel sharp. It is another unusual detail that gives a more subtle feel on the lips when you drink from it. It’s almost as if it’s not there!

There are two key reasons for using borosilicate glass. The first is that it is formed with a manufacturing technique that allows OOO to create a nearly uniform wall thickness on the sides and the base of the glass. By combining this characteristic with a very carefully studied curvature continuous blend on the base, OOO was able to create the optical illusion of not being able to see the thickness of the glass itself when it is full of beer. Second, borosilicate glass is extremely lightweight, so even when full it feels feather light. The result is a glass which defies the senses and appears to be barely there.

The simplicity of the design also belies the careful considerations to shape, size, proportion and capacity. A specially designed glass for the perfect serving of beer, 330 Glass seeks to maximize the enjoyment of any drink.

OOO carefully studied and tested various capacities before finding the sweet spot of 330ml, the same size as one standard bottle. They then added a little extra capacity for some satisfying foam. The result is slightly smaller than many draft beer glasses, but it ensures you will enjoy the last mouthful of beer as much as the first. A small detail perhaps, but it makes a huge difference.

330ml Capacity / Lead-free Crystal / 1.4mm Edge Thickness / Mouthblown / Designed and handmade in Taiwan

330 Glass by OOO will be available soon on Norm.

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