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Founded in 2005, in Taipei, Taiwan, by Mia (a candle-maker) and Ginny (a potter).

By living and feeling life truly, Nag. 19 utilizes readily available materials and hand-made processes to try out all sorts of possibilities. With the intention to design simple and amiable products, Nag. 19 wishes to share their beloved items with people, and appreciate the beauty and fairness of everything through these dedicatedly made handicrafts.

This is Norm's second collaboration with Nag. 19. This time around, we curated a collection of soy wax candles, paired with ceramic counterparts.

1/ Candle in Mug

Take the soy wax, scented in a citrus flavor, and place it into the mini-sized mug with its round-shaped handle. Light up the candle and indulge in some relaxing me time.

Scents: sweet orange/pink grapefruit/lemon/jasmine/vetiver.

Three colors.


2/ Star Lake

This simple design is full of zen. The candle is scented like the forest, with a hint of spice. It’s a must-have item before meditation or bedtime.

Scents: bergamot/ylang ylang/nutmeg/cinnamon/sandalwood.

Three colors.


3/ Prussian Aroma Plate

This shallow plate can be hand-carried, and the candle inside is scented with oriental tea leaves. The plate can be used as a diffuser after the candle is finished.

Nag. 19's new collection is now available on Norm!

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