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l'île d'eau was founded in Berlin by Natsuko Mizushima v.d. Ree. Her family name, Mizushima, means water (“mizu”) and island (“shima”) in Japanese; l'île d'eau captures both of these concepts in French. Observing the forest near her home, she often collects plants or branches as they fall from the trees. This inspired her brand’s philosophy; “wearing”, “seeing”, or “feeling”, using different types of natural materials to create sustainable, fashionable and simple accessories. She also leverages her background as a graphic designer throughout her work.

Natural disasters such as forest fires, heat waves and droughts are occurring with increasing frequency on Earth. They have a significant impact on natural systems, wildlife and human life. However, the dead branches of trees can also provide valuable resources for a creative process. With a little work and polish, even branches can be beautiful - and the accessories from l'île d'eau emphasise this.The question is, how can disused branches be used as accessories? Mrs. Mizushima uses dots and lines to put together a series that's cute, fun, and chic.

Necklace - Dots



Disused branches are polished continuously to form a dot shape. The use of a natural material means that each dot is not a perfect circle; each one has its own style. Tying three dots together forms a completely unique accessory, truly becoming the wearer's own necklace.

Necklace - A line


The front part of the branch is polished to 4.5cm, a very striking look on the neckline. Pairs perfectly with a shirt and jeans; the necklace complements the classic style in an eye-catching way, giving a chic and fun impression.

Necklace - Dot / Line


─ ●

Anytime someone sees this necklace, they want to see it again - it's so eye-catching! Disused branches, in the hands of l'île d'eau, become fashionable and fun. Most importantly, they get a new lease on life - picked up from the ground and transformed into a cute accessory.

Earring - Dots 


Single ear earring.

On one ear goes the Earring - Dots, and on the other, it's up to you. A simple pearl or diamond earring pairs well, looking classic and elegant. Or, simply don't wear any other earring at all - very chic and cool. Create your own style with this unique work.

These branches accompany trees that have lives for hundreds or even thousands of years. Mrs. Mizushima picks these up and, with lots of work and polish, gives them a new lease on life. Now, let these branches accompany you. 

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Words by Yuwen Wu, RP and Natsuko Mizushima
Photo Credit : l’ile d’eau

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