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Born in Kagawa in 1984, Hiro Kashihara grew up with his grandparents, who worked as glove makers, in a small fishing town. Influenced by them, he became accustomed to making goods with his own hands. As a teenager, he taught himself handcrafts like the making of silver accessories, sewing, and leather making.

Mr. Kashihara started to make cutlery because of his love for his wife. Mrs. Kashihara loves cooking and loves to collect tableware. Immersed in his wife’s cherished belongings, Mr. Kashihara also appreciated their beauty; but, he noticed that despite their cute appearances, they weren’t always very handy. This inspired him to “make tablewares with good design and function to make my wife happy”.

Mr. Kashihara started to learn about metalworking; he began to make cutlery in 2020 and started selling his own products in 2021. Bearing the goal to “manufacture cutlery to make each moment of the day special”, Mr. Kashihara dedicatedly continues to make products at his workshop.

Mr. Kashihara's work is cute and delicate. He's quickly established a fanbase for himself! Today, we're going to introduce a few of his products at Norm.

Fruit Pick

After eating fruits with your bare hands, the feeling of sugar on your fingers makes you feel awkward, right? It’s time for the Fruit Pick; it’s perfect for grapes, sliced juicy apples, and all other kinds of fruits.

❷ -tulpe- Series (spoon/fork/knife)

A round shape - isn't it so cute?

With a bit of retro style, the -tulpe- Series will bring a serene atmosphere to your dining area. Perfect for dessert, tarts, or even pancakes.

❸ -spica- Series (spoon/fork/knife)

A work stemming from great perseverance, Mr. Kashihara tried many different approaches before arriving at this final design. Delicate, practical, and easy-to-use - perfect for any occasion.

 The -spica- Series is both stylish and practical, and it’s definitely a product that the artist is proud of.

Mr. Hiro Kashihara's works are coming in July!

Photo Credit by Hiro Kashihara



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