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There is a shade of blue we call Hagiwara Nobuyuki Blue.

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1979, Hagiwara Nobuyuki revealed his talents in handcrafts and painting at a young age.

After graduating from high school, he started to learn about makeup, in order to further pursue the expression of colors.

From 2000, he started to work as a professional makeup artist in M.A.C..

While studying at the Graduate Institute of Art and Design in 2002, Mr. Hagiwara found his passion for ceramic art, which changed his life entirely. After that, he switched his career path from makeup artist to ceramist.

Mr. Hagiwara has been exploring all the possibilities of blue color, and he has been more devoted to it after becoming a ceramist; he’s known as the “blue color pottery maker”. Blue is his mark and signature.

This time around, Mr. Hagiwara recommended two works for Norm. We're excited to introduce them to you today.

1)kukusa mug

The rounded cup body is the signature of this product. The artist designed the mug carefully, keeping each line and curve in mind. Pay attention to the beauty of the blue color which spreads along the curve line.

Two colors: lapis lazuila and iceman.


aoi is a plant representing grace and elegance. Since ancient times, aoi have been used as the heraldry of samurais’ families, and also as decorations in traditional shrines and temples in Japan. The artist was inspired by aoi to design this product. Take a closer look at the remarkable beauty of its shape, curve, cutting, and the profound aesthetic of the blue color extension on the surface.

Two colors: lapis lazuila and iceman.

Now on sale.

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